About Boke’s Creek Orchard (formerly McClain’s Orchard)

1978 – Orchard establishment, planted 50 apple and peach trees.

1979 – 2000 Learning and growth years, success and failures trying to grow peaches in Ohio.

2002 – 1st Marysville Farm Market. Sold out of peaches in the first hour.

2003 – Recognized potential for Market. Expanded to berries, sweet corn, pumpkins and gourds.

2008 – Started expanding fruit tree selection to include early, midseason and late season peaches and apples.

2009 – 5 year planting plan to add approx. 100 additional trees per year adding pears and plums.

2013 – Orchard set back, minus 20 below winter froze off all fruit buds, resulting in no crop. Expanded bee hives in insure pollination of next years crop.

2014 – Built Apple Barn/sales room, Continued to plant trees.

2016 – Build walk in cooler in preparation of 1st large peach crop from 125 trees planted in 2012.

2017 – Final planting of 80 trees. Our 10 acres is now fully planted with fruit trees. This year we had a phenominal peach crop. Our apple trees are still young and in the developmental and training stages. We hope 2018 and 2019 will see a major spike in apple production.

Honey Production – As you can imagine pollination is critical to fruit production. Over the past 3 years we have expanded our hives from 2 to 15 hives. This has been a challenge with CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) affecting bees nationwide. Again after a learning curve of success and failures 2017 turned out to be our largest honey crop ever. Our bees are located on CRP fields full of forbs and other wild flowers. The honey is Local all natural, raw honey.

Our Goal:

To keep our Bees and Trees healthy and happy so we can provide fresh tree ripe produce to you our family and friends.